Low Cost White Marble Tiles in India

By | November 24, 2014

Low Cost White Marble Tiles in India: White marble is first choice of every woman that flooring should be designed by white marble. India and Greece where white marble digs.

High price and costly marble tiles can be found every where, but Indian white marble is low cost which may save you big money.

Marble tiles which can move easy, because it light. Light weight makes easy installation process and low cost is another profit to save big money.

White marble tiles thickness and measures should know before buy as well as know its quality.

White marble tile size is 12X12, 24X30, 30X60, 30X40, 40X60, 60X90 CM
White marble thickness is 15 MM, 18 MM, 20 MM, 25 MM and cut to size as per your order which called special thickness.