10 Best Jewellery Designers in India

Jewellery make beauty, exclusive and give attractive look to a lady. Without jewellery accessory all best outfits, sari and dresses look dull. For married women jewellery is most important, all ladies look beautiful in Teej and Karvachauth. We are buy jewellery but we all don’t know the expertise and guidence of India’s famous jewellery designer.

Amrita Singh

Top 10 Jewellery Designers In India Amrita Singh is a top Indian jewellery designer. Her designs are used by Hollywood or Bollywood celebrities like Jenifer Lopez, Blake Lively and  Jessica Sinpsan.

Amrita drawns upon the designs of India and the mughal dynasty to create breathtaking Indian jewellery and accessories. She devoted contemporary jewellery which includes innovative collections such as bangle bangle, and fine jewellery collection, Maharaja jewels. She also designs scarves bangle jewellery and iconic handbags.

Poonam Soni

Top 10 Jewellery Designers In India

Poonam Soni is the first Indian jewellery designer. In present time poonam soni is popular fashion designer, she is successful in creating India’s jewellery.

She is introduced the concept of ‘bespoke jewellery and signature boutiques. In Delhi university she wins gold medals on this fashion way.

Farah Khan

Top 10 Jewellery Designers In IndiaShe is also a popular designer. She is completed 15 years as jewellery design in Gemological Institute of America in California in 1992.

Her designs are popular in Hollywood and richest Indian businessman families. She participated on Swarovski 5th Anniversary celebration.

Suhani Pittie

Top 10 Jewellery Designers In IndiaIn the top 10 fashion designers Suhani Pittie is one of the popular designer.

Suhani Pittie join training institute in twenty years of age. She win ‘Singem Award for excellence’ in the field of Gemology and also win the young women achievers award in 2012. Suhani pittie has also written about fortune magazine.

Eina Ahluwalia

Top 10 Jewellery Designers In India

Eina Ahluwalia is first conceptual jewellery artist in India. Her Label ‘Eina Ahluwalia is synonymous with luxury jewellery poised at the intersection of art, fashion and design. She was nominated for ‘Best Jewellery Designer’. Her jewellery designs famous in film industry and richest Bussisman family. In film industry freida pinto, sonam kappor, deepika padukone and more are wear Eina ahiuwalia’s jewellery design.

Alpana Gujral

10 Best Jewellery Designers in India

Alpana Gujral is famous designs who create exquisite and timeless jewellery. Earrings, rings, necklace and cuffs are artistically designed. It is collection of Alpana In this designs used precious and coloured stones. She has worked with master craftmen and develop her signature style jewellery.

Mira gulati

10 Best Jewellery Designers in India

Mira Gulati started her passion for jewellery making in 2007. Her label is ‘Mirai’ and this label give her many awards. She is founder and lead designer. She created heirlooms with the help of unblemished from around the world. Mira Gulati opened her falgship boutique in DLF Emporio in 2009. She was awarded ” Jewellery Designer Of The Year” for gorgeous peacock earrings. This peacock earrings made up by blue sapphire briolettes  and diamonds. This award give her in September 2010.

Nitya Arora

10 Best Jewellery Designers in India

Nitya Arora is winner of Grazia young designers award for Best Accessories designer. Nitya join lakeme India fashion week after pursuing fashion at parsons school of design, new York. She has designed jewellery for Bollywood movies and many shows in Dubai, Egypt, newyork and other places.

She is founder of Valliyan. Valliyan makes bespoke  handbags and headgearfor the free spirited woman.

Asha Kamal Modi

10 Best Jewellery Designers in India

”Art Karat” is the exclusive lable of Asha Kamal. She made affordable jewellery in 1988. Her designs are different in style and she is trained gemologist in New Delhi. Who has made a make for herself and she is most recognised jewellery designers in India. She is design stunning chandelier earrings.

Neelam Kothari 

10 Best Jewellery Designers in India

Neelam Kothari is known as prolific actress in Indian cinema. Now she is well known into jewellery designer. She made exclusive handcrafted jewellery. Her jewellery designs famous in Europe united states, middles east, Thailand and Asia.

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