15 August Best Short Speech in English

It is 15 August best short speech in English for student, teachers, chief guest who want to speak two words about India independence day, 15 August 2021 speech.

Happy independence Day 2021 Images and Quotes

Dear Chief Guest, Guests, staff and students!

15 August 2021, it is 74th independence day of India.

Happy Independence Day to all of you.

We celebrate Independence Day every year on 15 August. Because our country was liberated on 15 August 1947, many freedom fighters and brave soldiers were martyred in the freedom struggle.

All the people celebrate this day with great joy because we got liberation from British rule on that day after about 200 years. It has been more than 74 years since we attained independence.

On Independence Day, the national flag of our country is hoisted at the Red Fort by the Prime Minister. On this day, the pride of the country is enhanced by going to the national anthem and the national anthem.

In our country, there is a custom of hoisting the tricolor on this day. The tricolor is made of three colors. The first is the saffron color which signifies our freedom, the second is the white color which symbolizes peace. The third is green color, below it is a symbol of greenery. In it, there is an Ashoka Chakra of blue color between the white colors which motivates us to move forward. This shows the beauty of our nation flag.

At the time of unfurling the flag, leaders like the President, Vice President, Defense Minister, Home Minister, etc., along with the chiefs of the three water, land and air forces, gather with the administration officials.

The Red Fort is paraded by all the army and a salute is given. Special and wonderful events are organized on this occasion, In which the views of famous places and festivals of all the states are shown.. The event is directly broadcast and shown live on DD National Channel and Radio.This grand event makes all of us happy and brings a smile on our face.

With the ceremony, all the brave soldiers are honored with a tribute. This tradition of our country has been going on since independence. It is celebrated as a typical residence.

On this occasion, holidays are kept in all government and lost government departments like banks, offices, hospitals etc. On this day, celebrations are held in schools, in which children are given a speech for Independence Day, collective and cultural dances are performed.

The flag is hoisted before beginning these productions, after hoisting the flag, the national anthem and national song are sung. At the end of the ceremony sweets and laddus are distributed to all.

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