15 August Celebration Ideas in School and Office

15 august celebration ideas in school and Office,

15 August 1947 was a very lucky day for India. Our country’s freedom came after nearly 200 years of British slavery on this day. Many freedom fighters had to have their lives to make India free. After the struggle for freedom fighters, India was free from the British regime. From then on till today we consider it as Independence Day on 15th August.

Gifts & celebration ideas on 15 August 2020 – Independence day

This day is a national holiday in India. A day before this, the President of India addresses the country. Which is shown in many TV channels along with the radio? On Independence Day, every year the prime minister of the country unfurls the tricolour on the red fort. After hoisting the tricolour the national anthem is played and salute is also given by taking 21 shots.

Along with this, the Indian forces, paramilitary and the NCC coded parade are carried out. On this day there is a live telecast from red fort to the d. d. national channel of TV and all India radio. Keeping in view the menace of terrorism, strict security arrangements are made.

15th August is celebrated for the freedom of the country which our forefathers fought for us. Chocolates are the best way to celebrate Independence Day for children and share their happiness.

We can personalize the chocolates and also we can make a picture of Indian flag on the chocolates. We can express the love for India on cakes and pastries also on chocolates.

As we know that India is independent with the blood and sweat and more than the lives of our forefathers.

Today India is independent due to unflagging bravery, dauntless and most of our forefather’s valiant efforts. Every year we commemorate 15th August as Indian Independence Day on this day we get to hoist the tri-colour.

On Independence Day we are all familiar with the historical backdrop and have more or less solid information. India achieved independence on 15th August 1947 and it is celebrated as an Independence Day and also as remembrance of our forefathers, our soldiers and many more persons who helped in the independence of our country.

So it’s our duty to give them at least one gift on Independence Day. We should give them that we will never divide the country and give it to a new better way. We should sacrifice for freedom.

Independence Day is a good day to give gifts to our loved ones and motivates them to do something creative for the country. We can give Independence Day gifts to our relatives, family members, friends and colleagues and workers as well.

As we know, chocolates are the favourite one of all the children so this is the great way to express the love for country. By the business and organisations chocolates can be given for the promotional activities on the day of independence also it can create Goodwill and visibility in the business.

We can give designer chocolate gifts. Independence Day is approaching and we can give a lot of gifts to your loved ones. The day is calculated as a sacrifice and value of the freedom fighters who lead the freedom movements for the breathing of India.

Now the time has come to celebrate this day with great enthusiasm but some uniqueness. So we are looking for tips on Independence Day gifts for our friends, family, classmates, co-workers, and young ones to pay on your part of the day. I have collected some of the beautiful ideas that we can definitely present to someone.

India Independence Day – 15 August 2020

1. We can give a customised keychains. Keychain is that item which is always in front of your eyes when you are outside the house, inside the house, when you are travelling by your vehicle etc always it can be nearby you. So this idea of gifting never fails.

Customised keychain is the best way to give a gift to someone and make them happy with this gift. Also you can make pictures of our freedom fighters; you can make their name on it so it can be remembered of their sacrifice. This way would always remind them of the sacrifice that led the freedom.

They show every day at the border, they would remember the courage of the Indian army. We can buy it two ways, one is online and another one is offline. The best way of purchasing key chains is the first option which is online because in online sites there are many varieties of these key chains and also these are very less time consuming and with the online method these are not expensive. 

2. Mobile cover – Today every person likes to change their mobile covers with the trend of occasions and according to the festivals so this is the best gift on Independence Day to young ones which make them happy.

It is gifted by the people who love to give the mobile look with a new message so we can give a mobile cover as an independence gift with national flags pictures, Indian map and many more pictures on the cover.

It can motivate youngsters for the new developing India. Personalised mobile covers having the Tricolour of independence and spread in our family member’s relatives and friends. Now it’s time to celebrate and rejoice like never before.

3. Badge – We can give Badge as a gift on Independence Day to our teachers, our managers, our bosses and mostly to our prime minister. They feel proud of his country every time when he would attach it over the shirt.

There are many varieties available which you can use to give gifts as on this precious holiday. It can be Indian army Badge, it can be Indian navy Badge, it can be Indian flag or it can be Indian map.

4. Sweets – We celebrate this occasion with full enjoyment and fun with existing Sweets so we can distribute the tri-colours sweet of Taranga. You can make it on the order based. Sweets are the favourite food of children on Independence Day so I think it would be very creative to make them happy.

5. Hand bands – We can give hand bands to our loved ones, friends and many more other guys. It is the best way to express love for India. Also hand bands are looking like a fashion statement which everyone wants and loves to wear.

6. Fashion statement – This is the best to express your love for the country. And it’s a very creative gift to give your friends on Independence Day. We can give a top, skirt, t-shirt and also a make up accessories with the picture on those items of national flags, Indian map etc. 

7. Personalised cake – We can gift a personalized cake to your loved ones, friends, family members, relatives and classmates, co-workers also. It is looking very creative as a gift on national day.

8. Personalised cards and diary – We can give a card to our loved ones and friends on Independence Day. It can be very attractive and beautiful. We should write slogans, old memories of our forefathers, their stories of sacrifice in the cards and diaries. Therefore because they remind us about the duties of the country.

Celebration ideas on Independence Day

  1. Kite flying competition

If the monsoons give us some prizes, one can have a great idea during this year’s independence day of the kite flying competition. This competition for bringing together children and other young people can be enjoyed unprivileged. To make it more interactive, ask senior citizens to teach children how to make their own kites. Relations in a large range always form a beautiful harmonious community.

  1. Independence day rangoli competition

You can organise a rangoli competition for the residents on the topic of Independence Day. You can fight blocks of your apartment against each other or you can compete with mixed teams.

  1. Face painting competition

Add a splash of colour to your ceremonies with a face painting competition! Residents of your apartment run wild with this fun program to have creative and innovative sides! And just to make it more interesting, there is a rule that competitors can use only for painting the tricolour of the Indian flag.

  1. Traditional dress fashion show

We are a land of diverse culture. Our diversity is not only in our language, culture and food; but also arrange a fashion show in our dress where natives ramp in their traditional clothes. Want to spice it? Tell your neighbours to pretend to be a part of the society they don’t belong to.

  1. Traditional dress

Tell your colleagues that this day they arrived in the office, dressed in some traditional dress. This will keep the office environment quite pleasant too.

  1.  Special dress code

You can also use a special dress code instead of traditional dress. You can also prioritize any costume of kasseri, white or green.

  1. Decorations with tricolour balloon and kit

Use kesari, white and green balloons at the office. You can use things like the decoration kit of the tricolour to give the freedom touch to the office.

  1. Light background music

If the boss at the office agrees to your request, you can play patriotic songs in a light background music. It will keep people full of enthusiasm.

  1.  Games and activity

You can work on traditional craft competition or other game-activity to improve the office environment.

  1.  Run music to create an atmosphere of patriotism

It is necessary in the office to make the atmosphere a day more patriotic and that patriotic songs should be played, as this brings in vigour and self – confidence. But one of the important things is to maintain his dignity before singing at work. Also, it would be advisable to agree to the first office assistant.

  1. Use tricolour for decoration

 On the day of independence, the patriotic person can decorate the office with tricolour (tricolour) to make a patriotic match on the day. The kites can also be used in the decoration by kites, umbrella (umbrella), balloons (balloons) or flowers, provided they are all things of a kites.

  1. Day made by wearing tricolour out feet

 On this day usually many people prefer to wear their daily clothes. But it is better to dress up with patriotic inspiration to make this special. You can also wear a green suit and white suede for this purpose, or have tricolour colour suit or kurta pajama for this day. It arouses patriotic feeling and becomes a source of inspiration.

On the occasion of Independence Day, big public programmes are organized. The largest programme is on the red fort. The prime minister of the country performs flag hoisting there and addresses the country from the ramparts of the red fort. Some people get ready in the morning and listen to the prime minister of India on TV.

A number of other programmes are followed. The national flag is given a 21 gun salute. Similarly, Independence Day celebrations are also held in every state where the governor and chief minister of the state is included in the chief guest.

 Every citizen of the country celebrates Independence Day in his own way. On this occasion they decorate the venue of the event, unfurl the national flag and sing national songs or patriotic songs. Many kinds of programmes are organised in schools on this occasion.

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