Is Real Estate Price Increasing on New Year 2019

All around people are talking about price will increase on new year so buy before come new year. Who much is it correct or not, but everyone try to buy before come near year. Real estate price will increase or not? People hurry up to buy flats, plots, Villas or land near cities.

Many news paper publish price may increase on new year that will effect people life so real estate price will increase or not that is no body confirming, but all are buying day night.

If we see in past, real estate price increased 100% to 150%. People history and are investing in real estate. Some is buying 2 BHK flats, some 5 BHK, some 3 BHK some 4 BHK and some of them try to buy land anyhow before come new year.

Real estate price will be increasing because property is the best for investment for investors than all other. Property is which can turn money double in a few year, but other source takes long time so invest money in real estate if you can.