A Designer Blouse For Wedding in Winter!


If you think there is no setting more romantic than a blanket of snow, then consider to plan a winter wedding. Winter wedding has a glamour and enchantment in its own way like tasty soup shooters while shortbread cookies and coffee with extras like whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

But there are potential winter wedding problems you need to keep in mind. Your first line of defense is dressing your wedding party weather-appropriate. You can still choose strapless dresses with shorter hems, but consider only one thing that these dresses can warm you.

Normally, we can see that most of the women are confused that what type of blouse should wear in the winter wedding that can warm them. And in this type of designer blouse they must want to be look gorgeous and comfortable.

Designer Wedding Blouse Patterns

Here we are presenting some patterns of designer blouse that you can wear in any winter wedding and that must be keep you warm in that type of season. Have a look


Elbow-Length Sleeve Blouse

This is the most fashionable and preferred design of blouse according to winter wedding. Now, Brides also start to wear this type of blouse. We can see most of the stylist in this blouse in the weddings. This was primarily design in 80s but now among all the blouse trends that has made a come-back, elbow length sleeve blouse is one trend of love. Then can add plenty of glamour to a saree attire. You can wear this either with the traditional saree like kanjeevaram or with some western saree and with lehenga. And this blouse is also looking attractive or fashionable with silk saree.

Even for a glamour look, you can go for a deep round neck. This will make people to look at the sleeves of your blouse instead.


Zipped Up and Long Sleeves

This type of blouse is being fully covered and having long sleeves. It can be in collar pattern with zipped up. This is also a most fashionable and charming design of blouse that can be seen in the winter weddings. Most of time these types of blouses are made with warm fabrics like velvet. We can see many designers like Anju Modi, Manish Malhotra and Falguni & Shane Peacock’s models that are wearing zipped up blouse with long sleeves. These types of blouses can also be wear by brides. It is a latest trend of blouse.


Long Sleeve Puffed Sleeves

This designer blouse is perfect match for your Bengali look. You can wear it with any type of Bengali saree. This designer blouse has puffed sleeves that are enough to cover your arms and also make your look attractive. These blouses are heavily seen in the winter weddings because its puffed sleeves can protect you and keep you warm in the entire wedding. It is a perfect collection of every women for winter wedding.


Blouse With Embellished Neck and Long Sleeves

If you dont’t want to like more garnished then you should go for something simple like a blouse with embellished neck and lonf sleeves. And to make your look classy you can accessorize yourself with open hair and small earring. You can wear this blouse with western saree or lehenga too. This blouse is specially designed to cover neck and this eddition is looking very wonderful and elegant. You can look in this picture most fashionable Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone wearing this blouse with open hair.


Take a look on Sridevi wearing a blouse with embellished neck and ling sleeves. She is also can’t stay away from this type of blouse.


So, these are our ideas of designer blouse for any winter wedding. Hope you love our idea of this type of blouse.




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