Rules of Buying Land in India | Jamin Kharidne Ke Niyam 2020

Ja rahe hai tu To Ye Jarur Kare Chu ki Jamin kharidne ke liye is jagah ki sarkar ke Niyam

Janana Jaroori Hote Hain Agar Sarkar Ke Niyam pata nahi ho Aur Zameen kharidte Hai To Hum ghar nahi bana Payenge Kyunki Sarkar ki nahi ho ki M Dekhi Ke Karan Hum ghar nahi bana Payenge aur Yeh Zameen kharidne Ke Baad bhi Hamare kaam ki nahi hogi.

Hello if you are going to buy land in your area then you should know about local government rules, because rules are very important, it help us to settle as to use or this land, if you don’t know about land rules of the area where you are going to buy land then you should follow official website of local government where you find all rules of land and use of land rules and local government authority set rule of conversion.

To buy sell rent 4 people of residential use about property in their area if you are going to buy more land then you should contact local government authority about document requirement and issues of registry and related fee and other charges of local government can find from the office local government official websites otherwise go to the office where you can contact and ask what you want thank.