Allahabad Bank Current Base Rate 2019 – Allahabad Bank Housing Loan Interest Rate

Allahabad bank is one f leading nationalised bank in India which updates it base rate and BPLR by 5 points. Its now 9.70%. Allahabad Bank Current Base Rate and Loan Interest Rate may apply with new updates for new loan borrowers and renewal.

There are many reasons to know Allahabad Bank Current Base Rate. Allahabad Bank Hikes Base Rate to Percent Per Annum, if you are going to borrow loan from Allahabad bank then you think that what is interest base rate of yearly that make your installment. Loan return installment calculate on base rate. You take housing loan then you can calculate your housing loan installment according its base rate.

You may get updates of Base Rate (BR) for new loans by 0.05 percent, or 05 basis points (BPS) with effect date and timing from the official website of Allahabad bank.

Housing loan takes to buy or build house on plots, it for flats. Housing loan depend on your property value. Bank executive comes and calculate your property value then submit report to bank and it is base of your lending.

You use this money and build your house, but after a fixed period, you have to pay this housing loan in easy installment with interest. This interest rate add that is base rate of lending, so you have to return money with interest rate to Allahabad bank.

What is revised base rate of Allahabad bank? It is minimum lending rate from 9.70 percent to above percent per annul. This base rate will be applicable for all new borrowers and existing loan takers.

Whole history of base rate of Allahabad Bank:

March 04, 2014 Base Rate: 10.25%
February 18, 2013 Base Rate: 10.20%
May 01, 2012 Base Rate: 10.50%
August 01, 2011 Base Rate: 10.75%
July 15, 2011 Base Rate: 10.25%
May 06, 2011 Base Rate: 10.00%
February 01, 2011 Base Rate: 9.50%
December 14, 2010 Base Rate: 9.00%
October 01, 2010 Base Rate: 8.50%
July 01, 2010 Base Rate: 8.00%

Allahabad bank housing loan interest rate history, current interest rate and next update in interest rate for Allahabad Bank Home Loan and Housing Finance may find it online.