Ameritas Insurance Corp.: Minimize Life’s Uncertainty

By | December 20, 2017

Ameritas Insurance Corp.: Minimize Life’s Uncertainty

No body can certain about life, but some how we can find ways to minimize life’s uncertainty.

Amaritas Insurance Company helps to maximized our life by minimizing the uncertainty. This company provides excellent service to its customers with ethical and professional manner. That is why their customers has trust and want to maintain long term relationship with this company. Ameritas promise to protect your cherished things, they gives you guarantee for increasing growth of assets. With the help of Ameritas you can put all your worries behind and can move ahead for future.

Ameritas provides number of products to their customers which helps to reduce uncertainty for life:-
1. Life Insurance:- Today most important product every customer want to purchase is Life Insurance product. These products helps to compensate loss at the time of some tragedy. Life insurance products has many kinds and you can choose any type of life insurance according to your need and desire.

a. Universal Life Insurance: At the time of insured’s death it pays benefits to beneficiary.
b. Variable Universal Life Insurance: After death provides benefit to beneficiary plus gives face amount and premium flexibility.
c. Whole Life Insurance: Offer permanent security to your beneficiary.
f. Term Life Insurance: Offer protection for defined term of the life.
2. Annuities: This is a kind of contract in between an insurance company and an insured, where company promise to pay income for future in exchange of investment. Immediate , fixed, index and variable are variations of annuities. You can take advice from Ameritas financial expert for choosing right type of annuities for you.
3. Disability Income Insurance: You can find many variations in disability plans of Ameritas. It offers selections of policy benefits as well as waiting periods, payment plans and riders.
4. Retirement Plans: Ameritas has perfect retirement plans to help your business grow by providing satisfaction to your employees.