Which is the Best Investment Plan in India for Middle Class in 2020

Your question is which is the best investment plan in india for middle class in 2020? You are right listen because investor need to know more about it best investment plan anywhere in the world.

Which is the best investment plan in india for middle class in 2020?

There are lot of ways where you can invest and I think you should made your investment in property Forex trading and fixed deposit and insurance Bima Yojana in housing schemes and day agricultural property and residential property these are the sources where you should invest your money and get more returns long life.

I know you are thinking as other are thinking because most of people are confusing about where to invest their money after retirement and before retirement in the market the lot of Clans for after retirement but before retirement you should choose the best location of investing for residential and commercial property.

Residential property is the more demand show I think you should think about invest in buying plot and small area of land near village or city where residential property can be sold anytime and buyers who are looking residential property near city or village they will contact you and you will sell easily with best profit.

Commercial space are some costly so if you have lot of money then you should choose commercial property for investment to gain more amount of profit.

Banking sector also offering Moore plans in like a fixed deposit with best interest rate and insurance plans and Bhima plans and interest earning facility with the investing monthly and yearly.

Share market and Forex trading are another way of earning money but latest trending for future investment R software development and apps development and social media platform for content sharing are the best sources for biggest returns as I think.

End of the article and I will suggest you then you should gather more and more information about the sources of investment plan which are you are going to select because you are middle class and you have limited money so invest in a best place area location so they look everything what you should and discuss with all people and non and only in your list and ask about about they tell you best plan or way of earning investment.