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BPL- Below Poverty Line. The BPL card is a card for the common man, which is given by the government. To take this, one has to apply under full eligibility. Only people who fall within the poverty line can apply for this card. It provides assistance to the financially weak.

BPL loan is a scheme in which many types of loans are provided by banks to BPL card holders on low installments and interest. Many people get financial benefit from this, So that they can easily meet their financial needs. This is a kind of easy loan. This is a convenient option for BPL card holders.

BPL card holders can easily take many types of loans. And you can take advantage of this facility. There are the following types of loans, which are being told to you here.

BPL Card Holder Loan Scheme 2020

Under the BPL Card Loan Scheme under the National Urban Livelihood Mission, the youth of the BPL family who are unemployed means no employment. They will be given loans ranging from 2 to 10 lakhs at concessional rates for setting up industrial units. It will be given a loan of 2 lakhs individually and up to 10 lakhs to self-help groups.

There is a provision for placement and skill development training by the National Urban Livelihoods Mission. Any type of educational qualification for training will not obstruct it. Under this scheme, the youth who live below the poverty line will be made self-sufficient.

The youth of BPL family who are more than 18 years of age can take advantage of this to set up a personal industry and can apply for it in any office.

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BPL Card Holder Loan Scheme

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