How to buy a Plot if have one Lac in your pocket

By | December 25, 2017

How to buy a Plot if have one Lac in your pocket. Many people who want to invest or want to buy a plot, but a plot price may approx 2 Lac to 5 Lac. Yes, outside city plot is low cost, easy to finance and pay monthly installment, that’s plan – make your perfect investment.

As day goes one by one, price of land is growing so it out of reach for all categories. It may be your own if you plan better with a perfect time.

A Plot may buy outside of city where find for investment. It may far from city now, but after 5 years, a future of your land will different. There city may cover that place, piece of land may costly.

A piece of land spell plot in India. It uses for residential to build house otherwise commercial use for shop or showroom for business; it has to converted for commercial use only.

Most of people buy a plot for residential purpose where will have to build a small or big house.

These plot schemes generated by Govt or Private. Generally private property companies offer small, middle and big size plots for investment.

Govt housing projects make plan for all categories then start registration work and finally select candidates for allotment on special process.

We come to the point on how to buy a plot if you have one Lac only. Private properties companies offer “pay 50% in advance and rest of pay in easy monthly installment”. You can pay half and rest of EMI.

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