Indian Bank Loan Rate for Lending 2019

Indian Bank Loan Rate for Lending for those persons who borrow money from bank. Indian bank has own loan rate for lending so you may know it online.

Earlier Indian Bank sets Base Rate in Percent Annul, but it may up and decrease so you may find Indian bank low base rate online as an Indian bank current loan rate of lending update 2018 online.

Lending rate increases and decreases when compares it with market. You may get Indian Bank Base Rate (BR) for new loans by 0.05 percent, or 05 basis points (BPS). BPS is short form of basis points so it reads basis points.

Like other banks revise base rate of lending, the Indian Bank has revised Base Rate and set minimum lending rate from 10.20% percent to 10.25% yearly. It effects on the day of order, which applicable till bank does not revise new base rate for next year.

You may read the history of Indian bank base rate from July 2010 to current.

April 01, 2014 Base Rate: 10.25%
February 09, 2013 Base Rate: 10.20%
May 01, 2012 Base Rate: 10.50%
August 01, 2011 Base Rate: 10.75%
July 13, 2011 Base Rate: 10.25%
May 05, 2011 Base Rate: 10.00%
February 01, 2011 Base Rate: 9.50%
December 13, 2010 Base Rate: 9.00%
October 01, 2010 Base Rate: 8.50%
July 01, 2010 Base Rate: 8.25%

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