Rental Business is coming on track in villages

India, April 27, 2019 Update: A village, there is life different than city. Villagers live without rent, but in last few years, economic has turned all financial conditions so outside people join government and banking offices in village, now-a-days villagers started rent business, but this model is same of city so any person can pay rent and get residential space with minimum facilities.

How to find out rental space for residential family? It does not mean there do not safe, family safe in village than city according history.

Family rental space in village is not only hard to find but also unavailable. There can be easy if someone knows you so identification or support of someone can become more helpful for finding rental in village.

What can you rent in Village for livings?
Hut: A hut is popular and first living space which finds in village, It cools, easy to find and low rent so do not have to pay high rent monthly.

Dust Home: A home which build with dust and natural materials, its cool and easy to find in village.

Single Room, Kitchen to rent in village is available, but luxury room, but not luxury like city’s flats, anyway all is well, it is upper lifestyle so you may pay some high monthly rent for it.

Rental Business is coming on track in villages
Rental Business is coming on track in villages

What do you think about Rental Business is coming on track in villages? Its new in India, but is growing as small business.