State Bank of Travancore – Current Base Rate for Lending 2019

State Bank of Travancore – Current Base Rate and Loan Interest Rate 2019 may your interesting, because you may need loan from state bank of Travancore then you should know it.

New Delhi (Delhi, India), November 2, 2016

State Bank of Travancore Cuts Base Rate to 10.25 Percent Per Annul, but it may be changed by bank according RBI instructions. This is approx 10%.

The State Bank of Travancore has abated its Base Rate which may allow for new loans by 0.25 percent, or 25 basis points (BPS) with effect from Monday, October 08, 2012.

State Bank of Travancore has revised minimum lending rate from 10.50 percent to 10.25 percent per annul. It depends on bank and market so revised every year.

This new update of lending rates may  be applicable for all new loans and the existing loans according conditions. Renewal loans of State Bank of Travancore may come up under this changes.

State Bank of Travancore decided to change these new rates which are for all new, old and renewal customer will pay installment of loan accordingly new rates.

You may know history of base rates of State Bank of Travancore.

October 08, 2012 Base Rate: 10.25%
September 26, 2011 Base Rate: 10.50%
August 08, 2011 Base Rate: 10.25%
July 05, 2011 Base Rate: 9.75%
May 09, 2011 Base Rate: 9.50%
February 16, 2011 Base Rate: 9.00%
January 03, 2011 Base Rate: 8.50%
October 11, 2010 Base Rate: 8.00%
July 01, 2010 Base Rate: 7.75%

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State Bank of Travancore – Current Base Rate for Lending 2019