26 January Republic Day 2021 Speech For Students, Kids, Teachers

“One Nation, One vision, One Identity” “No Nation is Perfect, it needs to be made perfect” Meri Pehchaan Mera India

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous Republic Day!!

Good Morning!! Honourable judges, teachers, respected guests and all my dear friends. I Meenal student of class 11th standing before you to speak on Republic Day and want to share some feelings of patriotism and gratitude in front of you.

Today, we are going to celebrate our 71st Republic Day of our country. A Republic Day is celebrated as the anniversary of Indian Constitution. This is a very auspicious and great day which we celebrate every year. This day brings lots of happiness, enjoyment and joy.

Before starting this grand celebration , I would like to welcome the Chief Guest and request to host the National Flag and students will stand up and sing our National Anthem “Jan Gan Man” which represents our unity and respect for our Nation and end this Anthem with a respectful Salute to our Nation and for our Freedom Fighters. Our National Anthem is written by Rabindranath Tagore which was a great and famous poet. This day is the best medium to show our love, respect and dedication for country.

After getting Freedom from British Rule we celebrated this day as Republic Day since 1950. There is so many types of preparation were held for celebrating this event grandly and show our patriotism and honourable feelings for our Motherland. The preparation for this event were started before one month. There are many types of cultural and traditional performances are performed and beautiful songs and slogans are sing by people to show their feelings for Nation.

The brave soldiers of Nation who fought for us everyday on the border in difficult weather conditions to give us safety and to keep away us from danger so that we can live with relaxation and with Freedom.

It is also a great day to thanks our Freedom Fighters who sacrifices their lives to give freedom and independence to our Nation. We thank them by saluting and do some special and respectful thing for our nation. We can contribute our skills, talent and many of the other things to develop our nation.

You all know about our National Flag . Our National Flag has three different colours and a wheel strike in its center with 24 equal stripes. The top of the colour is saffron, the middle one is white and the last one is green. The Saffron colour represents the strength and courage of the country. The white colour represents peace and the last one which is green represents growth and prosperity.

Being a citizen of this country its our responsibility to keep or country safe and develpoed. And this is possible only when we follow the three colours of our National Flag. We have to live with unity. We should remember everyday not only on the Republic Day the sacrifices and efforts of our Freedom. It is because of them that we are living a very happy and freedom life.

We are the backbone of this country. We have to salute them everyday for their sacrifices. Only we can develop our country and keep away from danger. So, contribute in the development of the nation in your own way to maintain the feelings of motherland and patriotism.

And now i would like to end up this speech with a beautiful slogan for my Nation.

देश भक्तों के बलिदान से, स्वतंत्र हुए है हम |
कोई पुछे कौन हो, तो गर्व से कहेंगे भारतीय है हम |

Thank you so much to you all for hearing me. Once again i want to wish you a very Happy Republic Day.