earth day

earth day celebrated on 22nd April

National and International Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22 April. As we all know about Earth. We live on the Earth and that is why the birthday is celebrated.

This is a very special day because Earth is a natural home and it fulfills all our needs. It makes its full contribution to our livelihood.

Earth Day is celebrated with different objectives, which are related to our economy and nature. As many trees are planted on the Earth Day, water conservation is done, Cleanliness is done at all places, special types of events are organized and all campaigns are done to preserve the economy.

We all know how important economy is to us. It is difficult to live without it. There are many reasons to celebrate the Earth Day, today we will discuss some important issues to make the Earth Day special on our page.

Now-a-days the pollution has increased very much, which is also becoming difficult to control. Because of this, many health problems are coming up. The life of common people is also getting difficult. For this, it is very important to make our economy free of pollution.

Secondly, trees are being harvested continuously and the creatures of the forest are slowly disappearing. For this, the protection of economy is very important because people are constantly doing forest for their selfishness and their own hits. This is making it difficult for the living beings, due to which they are all dying. It is erasing the beauty of nature.

Third natural disaster, natural disaster is also the biggest reason among the ever increasing problems. We ourselves are responsible for this. There are many reasons for natural disasters. For whom it is very important to be aware. Otherwise, we will lose the beauty of our nature, which will have many adverse consequences in the future.

Fourth, the indiscriminate use of limited resources. There are many resources which are limited in nature, but humans are constantly using them, due to which they are also getting reduced. It is very important for us to save them. Natural resources like petrol, coal, diesel etc.

The fifth population increase is also the main reason for the destruction of the economy. We all know that the population is constantly increasing and natural resources are decreasing. This is the result of population growth. If they are not controlled, they can also be a sign of a feast for disasters.

These are all the major reasons why our economy is slowly coming under crisis today. To avoid this and make people aware of them, the birthday is celebrated with different purpose.

Small events are organized in schools and public places for the birthday. In them, the utility and values ​​of Earth are explained.