Happy Slap Day 2020 – 15 Feb 2021

Happy slap day to everyone. 

Slap day is celebrated on the 15th of February. It comes every year after Valentine’s week. It’s called anti valentine week. People celebrate it with great enthusiasm. This is not generally relates within the physical touch or expression, it may be mental state.

Happy Slap Day 2020 - 15 Feb 2020
Happy Slap Day 2020 – 15 Feb 2020

However physical touch may be recovered or forgotten or filled with pain but the mental state commence give inner wounds probably heart.

Couples are celebrating the day with happiness because it gives a chance to touch their charming face. It is an amazing day. Couples never fight and beat but slap day is a tradition after valentines

Kids, adults and mostly singles celebrate the day with all their friends with much more fun. It is an international slap day. You also know about slap. You use when beat someone. It indicates to anger but slap day is just for fun. 

Mostly people get their love from class, colony, neighbor, another location but now social media is very trending and fast for everything. If you are single you can also try on social media.

Happy Slap Day 2020 - 15 Feb 2020
Happy Slap Day 2020 – 15 Feb 2020

Other names of slap are Chata, Thappad, Chamaat, jhaapat etc. These are very funny name. It brings a smile on face. Smile makes glorious and charming to face. Charming face looking attractive. But after real slap face is red and not looking attractive. 

No actual reason of celebrating this event. Some people deserve a slap for wrong decisions and mistakes about their love and crush who hurts them so they can slap on this day and wish for the day. After this slap you can feel better and it is reduce your regret.

Mostly heart breakers celebrate this day because slap is reduce their pain. Slap cover cheeks with quick sound. Sometimes it cover ears and after it only peace and silent environment surrounding you.

It cleared all mistakes. Sometimes it is necessary in life to teach a good lesson. Lesson is very important of each story because without moral story incomplete. This slap day enjoy with happiness of your heart.