happy teachers day

happy teachers day

Happy International Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on 5 October.

Happy National Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on 5 September.

National Teachers Day is celebrated every year in every school on 5 September in India .. This day is the birthday of Dr. Radhakrishnan Savarapalli. This day is celebrated in memory of him.

Today we will talk about Happy Teachers ‘Day on our page. This day is a very special day of students’ life. Celebrate this day in different ways, which gives them good memories and happiness.

The day begins with Happy Teachers’ Day. On this day, the students are very happy because the different atmosphere of the school is seen on Teacher’s Day. Teacher plays important role in our life. They always inspire us to move forward with the right education and guidance. Apart from this, they also instruct us and teach etiquette. They give us a better life, by which we become self reliant.

After our mother and father, the teacher is the second teacher who teaches us about right and wrong, good and bad etc. Teachers help us in many ways like a true friend, like a true guide etc.

Teachers qualify us to be successful in the world, because a teacher never wants to see his pupil fail. A teacher does not read about the subjects of the class and read about every subject of life and also prepares for their exams.

On Teacher’s Day, we should say thank you to the teacher. They tell us about our life opportunities and take proper efforts for them. Our success story is successful with his efforts. This is why Teacher’s Day is special for us.

On the day of Teacher’s Day, a lot of good programs are done in schools, which make children happy. Apart from this, children are given sweets, chocolates. Children and teachers play different types of games. Many more fun and activities are done on this day. This day brings new achievements. This day is considered very auspicious for teachers and students.

On Teachers Day, children send different quotes, shayari and in addition to beautiful poems. It brings sparkle and smile on their face. All this makes the day very beautiful and blessed.