Fresh Real Estate Marketing Ideas

New Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Creative real estate marketing ideas are the secret to getting quality traffic on your website.

Some agents get lots of traffic on their website. Other agents don’t get any and wonder why. What they often forget are the actions they need to take to drive visitors to their site. If you’re not getting the results you want from your site, you should review how you’re promoting it.

Fresh Real Estate Marketing Ideas

If you really want serious buyers and sellers visiting your site, then you need to get the word out that it’s there. Start by putting your URL (website address) everywhere, including:

  • Audio share on WhatsApp
  • Share Video and Photos
  • As part of your email signature.
  • On your letterhead
  • Beneath the signature of your letters
  • Your open house ads
  • Your block ads in the newspaper
  • Your property statements
  • Your mailings
  • Your print ads
  • Your business cards
  • Your Social Media Profiles
  • Your Live Chat Mobile number or Id
  • Send Congratulation Greetings on Festivals or functions
  • And even on your car or license plate frame!

These kind of real estate marketing ideas are guaranteed to drive more traffic to your site. Potential buyers and sellers will remember your URL from seeing it repeatedly and go to it when they’re ready to get serious. You’ll also yield higher quality visitors. Remember - a single, local prospect who finds you through an open house ad is worth ten hits from bored slackers who link to you through Google or Yahoo!