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The Real Estate Marketing Expert - Making Marketing Easy, Effortless and Fun

Welcome to the Real Estate Marketing Expert where marketing is easy, effortless and fun for real estate professionals.

We built this website because we think agents should be informed and educated before they spend their hard-earned money on promotional ideas that don't work.

We're also available for hire! As a full-service copywriting agency for the real estate industry, we write real estate brochures, real estate newsletters, email campaigns, postcards, ad copy. just about anything 'real estate' that requires the right choice of words.

The Real Estate Marketing Expert - Making Marketing Easy, Effortless and Fun

Real Estate Writer For Hire - I write agent bios (and everything else!) Real Estate Writer - Sample Agent Bios.

Need a Real Estate Writer? Need a Real Estate Writer? Real Estate Writing Services, offering print and website content to the Real Estate Industry.

Realtor Website Product Reviews And Opinions From Realtors: Have You Been Meaning To Get A Website But Haven't Found The Time? I Can Help!

What You Need To Set Up Your Real Estate Website Before hiring someone to build your real estate website, these six items need to be ready to go: some no-nonsense advice from The Real Estate Marketing Expert.

Are You Sure You're Ready For An Agent Website? For Realtors Considering A Personal Agent Website -- The Real Estate Marketing Expert Tell You The 6 Things You Need To Know About Setting One Up.

Online Real Estate Marketing. How Much Does That Website REALLY Cost? It's easy to spend more than you need to on online real estate marketing efforts, especially when investing in a website. Free information on cost of custom versus template websites.

Quick and Dirty Real Estate Marketing Ideas 12 Real Estate Marketing Ideas and ways to promote your personal website.

Real Estate Marketing Tips - Let's Make Email Easy! Agents who figure out how to use email in their marketing program have a secret weapon at their disposal. Here are some real estate marketing tips on how to make email work more effectively for you.

Real Estate Marketing Letters - A How-To Guide Any regular real estate marketing letters or newsletters you send out, whether by email or snail mail, need to provide extremely targeted information. This means that your marketing letter needs to:

No-Nonsense Advice on Sending Real Estate Marketing Postcards The No-Brainer Way To Send Real Estate Marketing Postcards

Tips On Putting Together A Slick 'n Snazzy Real Estate Marketing Brochure Good agents know how to communicate effectively in a real estate marketing brochure. Even so, writing about yourself in a promotional piece is tough.

Real Estate Niche Marketing - Go With A Logo Real Estate Niche Marketing Logos project an image of prestige and stability. They also make promotional material more impactful. Here are some links to get started on a logo creation.

No-nonsense Advice On Real Estate Marketing Tools A few of my favorite things - real estate marketing tools, tips and ideas.

No-Nonsense Advice On Websites For Realtors How to make an agent site work for you and reviews of companies that build websites for realtors.

How Much Does That Real Estate Marketing Product REALLY Cost? When reviewing a real estate marketing product, make sure you pay attention to its true cost.

No Nonsense Advice On Real Estate Online Marketing All real estate online marketing needs to keep in mind what the online public is looking for.

Real Estate Internet Marketing - Ways To Do It Cheap! Email delivers more Bang for your real estate internet marketing buck than any other real estate marketing tool out there.

Real Estate Website Traffic Reports, How Many Hits Are You Really Getting? No-Nonsense advice on how to interpret a real estate website traffic report.

Quick and Dirty Free Real Estate Marketing Idea You Can Do Yourself An easy, free real estate marketing idea that will draw prospects like a magnet and establish credibility with them.

Powerful Real Estate Advertising - How To Create The Best Ads Real Estate Advertising is usually an agent's highest marketing expense. Here's how to get the most out of it.

Real Estate Photography - Take A Better Listing Photo When selling a home, quality real estate photography is critical. Here are a handful of tips to make your real estate photos look great!

Tips On Real Estate Marketing Flyers - 4 Ways To Guarantee A Top-Notch Design Following are design guidelines for your real estate marketing flyers that guarantee a top-notch design. I’ve also tossed in some links to companies that offer real estate flyer software.

Real Estate Prospecting - Strategies for Success How To Make Real Estate Prospecting A Natural Part Of Your Business.

Marketing Tips For Realtors: How To Prospect With Real Estate Websites Instructions for Agents on how to manage the leads they get from Real Estate Websites.

A Clever Marketing Tool For Real Estate and Real Estate Agents My client used every marketing tool for real estate in the book to promote her site but got no results, Then she tried something different.

Is Your Real Estate Website Content Working For You Are you keeping your real estaet website content fresh and up to date? Here's how to tell if you need a freshening up.

Want New Real Estate Leads? Start By Expanding Your Sphere Of Influence Free and Easy Ways to Get More Real Estate Leads.

The Real Estate Marketing Expert is Cece Blase The Real Estate Marketing Expert is Cece Blase, 16-year veteran in real estate sales.