Choosing Corporate Footwear – Heels or Flats?


Footwear can be used for fashion as well as to indicate the status of rank of person within a social structure. We can identify about women’s profession only after a look on her footwear. Thus, footwear has a symbolic meaning.

It remains always a challenging question with every women that what should be give first preference between flats or heels? Flat shoes are distinguished from heels by the absence of heels. This does not mean they are limited in their style. It is the first and foremost footwear for office wear. They keep a woman’s feet significantly more comfortable than a pair of heel, and they allow her to focus on job as opposed to her aching feet. Whereas heels are the symbol of glamor and a fashionable world. Heels are often saved for formal events or outfits. So, working ladies are always remain confused with their footwear.


Footwear can also be a part of your fashion. It must complete your look. By wearing footwears you can stand at the top in the fashion world. Footwear either can let you down in the fashion world or can make you fashionista and stylish also.  

When you are in office, then it is obvious that you have to get from your seat many times. In this situation flats provided you comfort and ease in walking. Platform heels are also highly comfortable in office but they can’t be comparably provided you comfort with the flats.


Stilettos are another type of heels that can be now necessary for every woman, whereas on the other hand flats complete all the needs of comfortable. While high heels can never be ignored in the fashion world, the flats are also in trend in this fashionable world. Flats are also ideal for everyday errands and casual wear. And soring heels can never be go out in from boardroom.

There are some top most international designers who made their models catwalk in oxford and chic flats like Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wong, Giorgio Armani, Giambattista Valli. Even, every year a range of ballet flats and brogues launched by topnotch footwear labels like Jimmy choo, Christian Louboutin and Manolo Blahnik. 


Most of the footwear fashion experts considered that both heels and flats can work well in office. We can see that many women have to avoid their loving high heels in front of flats. They give preference to their comfort. Because flats are very ease for everyday wear.

Now, flats are come up with various designes and patterns. So, you must confuse when you try to differentiate flats between casual look or for office wearing.

Some footwears are purely excluded for workplace like flip – flops, over embellished pair of loafers and ballet flats. You can also look for the polished ballerinas.

Now, Smoking slippers are also available in a wide range and highly demanded. It is perfect for the corporate look. A pair of shoes with pointed toe is also a right choice for corporate and can be wear with wide legged pants and cropped trousers. While you are confused with your loafers, you can go for tassel. And when you are walking with the brogues then you should lace them up. Patent leather is also a perfect choice for corporate look.

If you have a too much desire of wearing your most fashion loving 6 inch high heels then you should look for kitten heels that are very comfort as well as available in various designs or patterns.

Just say no to platform heels because it is difficult to manage by you. So always go for the flats or that type of heels which can give you comfort and you can do your office work with optimum capacity.

So, It doesn’t no matter that whether you are wearing heels or flats. You should feel comfort and ease with your footwear.

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