Chutkule are Hindi word which means jokes which are filled with lots of humor. As you know how laughter is important for us. Laughter removes all our troubles, diseases and troubles and gives us new freshness and energy. It teaches us to live a happy life. Laughter is very important for our life so that we can live a happy life without any troubles, problems, stress and depression.

In this busy life which is full of problems, tensions, stress and lot of troubles which makes our selves weak and confused. In these types of problems of the life there is only thing that makes our life full of pleasure, happiness and enjoyment.

Laughter is the medicine of any type of problems which we are facing due to stress, depression and many other types of problems. laughter improves our mental and physical health and remove all the troubles of the life.

Laughter is that thing which gives everybody a new hope to start new thing by forgetting all the pains of the life which stops them to towards the success. With these types of problems we always lack behind and never get success that’s why we never remains with these types of problems.

If you want to get success in your life so you have to forget all the stress, depression etc and think about only success. It is possible only when we are happy and having so much of laughter in our life and this laughter comes from the funny jokes or Chutkule.

Here are some best Chutkule that makes you happy and laugh so that you are able to forget all your old bad past memories. You may also send these Chutkule to your family members, relatives, and to all your friends so that they also get their success and fulfill all their dreams and desires.