55th Death anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri

Death anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri

“Jai Jawan, Jai Kishan” this was the motto of the Honourable Former Prime Minister of India,LAL BAHADUR SHASTRI, who is in our memories today. Today we are celebrating his 55th Death Anniversary.

Lal Bahadur Shastri was an amazing person and also an amazing Prime Minister of our nation. He was born on 2nd of October in 1904,in Mughalsarai, Varanasi,Uttar Pradesh.

His Father was Sharada Prasada Shrivastava and his Mother was Ramdulari Devi. His father was a school teacher but later he became a clerk in the revenue office at allahabad. Shashtri was an elder son of his parents.

When Shastri was hardly a year and six months old, in April 1906 , his Father Sharada Prasada, died and then Shastri’s mother Ramdulari Devi was only 23 year old and was pregnant. Then she decided to go to his father’s house and then shastri, his mother and his elder sister went to his maternal grandfather’s house.

Shastri began his education at the age of four at the East Central Railway Inter College in Mughalsarai. He studied there till 6th standard and then his maternal family shifted to Varanasi. There Shastri joined the Harish Chandra High School, and got admission to the seventh standard. At this time he decided to leave his surname SRIVASTAVA. He got married to Lalita Devi,in 1928 on 16th of May. 

Shastri was very much influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and Bal Gangadhar Tilak.


Shastri became an active and mature member of Indian National Congress,in 1928, by the reference of Gandhi. He was jailed for two and a half years by the british government.

On 15 August 1947, he became the State Minister of his home state,Uttar Pradesh.

On 27 May 1964, Jawahar Lal Nehru Died in his office. Then on 9th of June,the president of the INC Party,K.Kamaraj, made Lal Bahadur Shastri the Second Prime Minister of India.

In his first broadcast as a P.M of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri, on 11 June 1964, stated that:

There comes a time in the life of every nation when it stands at the cross-roads of history and must choose which way to go. But for us, there need be no difficulty or hesitation, no looking to right or left. Our way is straight and clear—the building up of a socialist democracy at home with freedom and prosperity for all, and the maintenance of world peace and friendship with all nations.


  • We believe in peace and peaceful development,not for ourselves but for people all over the world.
  • The basic idea of governance, as I see it, is to hold the society together so that it can develop and march towards certain goals.
  • India will have to hang down her head in shame if even one person is left who is said in any way to be untouchable.
  • The unique thing about our country is that we have Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, and people of all other religions. We have temples and mosques, gurdwaras and churches. But we do not bring all this into politics… This is the difference between India and Pakistan.
  • We must fight for peace bravely as we fought in war.
  • We believe in the dignity of man as an individual, whatever his race, color or creed, and his right to a better, fuller, and richer life.
  • We believe in peace in the settlement of all disputes through peaceful means, in the abolition of war, and, more particularly, nuclear war.
  • We all have to work in our respective spheres with the same dedication, the same zeal and the same determination which inspired and motivated the warrior on the battle front. And this has to be shown not by mere words, but by actual deeds.
  • Success in science and scientific work come not through the provision of unlimited or big resources, but in the wise and careful selection of problems and objectives. Above all, what is required is hard sustained work and dedication.
  • That loyalty to the country comes ahead of all other loyalties. And this is absolute loyalty, since one cannot weigh it in terms of what one receives.
  • We have now to fight for peace with the same courage and deter-mination as we fought against aggression.
  • India will have to hang down her head in shame if even one person is left who is said in any way to be untouchable.


In 1965 after the India Pakistan war, Shastri went to Tashkent to sign an agreement  that would formally end the war on 10th of January in the year 1966. The next day Shastri ji was found dead, and the reason behind the death is to be A Heart Attack. 

But many people argued that this is not a natural death, due to the suspicious circumstances. 

The circumstances are:

  • The reports of the inquiry were missing. People argued that the records were suppressed or destroyed.
  • His wife Lalita argued that if no post mortem was conducted then why does the body turn blue and what about the cut mark on his body.
  • His personal doctor,RN Chugh, said that he was perfectly fit and he never had any heart issues in the past then how could he die because of a heart attack. He said that the cut marks should be because of Poisoning.
  • During the night of Shastri’s Death, there were 2 witnesses. One is Dr.RN Chugh and second was his servant Ram Nath. Both of them were scheduled to be in front of the Parliament in the year 1977. The first witness,Dr.RN CHUGH, was hit by a truck and died. The second witness,Ramnath was also hit by a car and his legs were crushed and had to be amputated. Then he lost his memory. But Shastri’s Family stated that before he lost his memory he went to Shastri’s house and said that “Bahut din ka bojh tha Amma, aaj sab bata denge” { I have been carrying this Burden too long. I will say it today.}.

All these are the Conspiracies that we do not know that are true or false. But one is about which we are very clear that Lal Bahadur Shastri was no doubt a very good person and an excellent Prime Minister of our country. Let’s give him tribute on his 55th death anniversary with our mighty hearts.

“Jai Jawan,Jai Kishan.” 

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