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What is DDA Flats Surrender or Cancellation Procedure?

DDA Flats Booking, DDA Flats Scheme 2018, DDA Flats, DDA Flats SchemeProcedure of Cancellation or Surrender of DDA Flats: Do you know what is the Procedure of Cancellation or Surrender of DDA Flats? If DDA made allotment you and you don’t want more. You can surrender or cancel your name of DDA flats allotment, but a day ago you could; now everything has changed. According new rules of DDA applicants can surrender, but they have to pay charge.

The applicant who won DDA flats in draw, they could surrender a year ago without any surcharge. Thousand people applied and surrendered their allotment after becoming winner in DDA draw due to any personal reasons, but those thousand apartments vacant and were in waiting list for next DDA draw so DDA flats unsold apartment became big problem. The solution of this problem decided to charge from people who will surrender or cancel their allotment after completing draw.

A year ago thousand DDA flats winner returned flats and surrender for cancellation. Needy person of homeless could not buy home so decided to charge fee from surrendering.

If you are going to apply offline then you may use flowing tips and read more about it online.

1) Application to deputy director regarding surrender of flat
2) Original Slip of DDA Application
3) Cancelled Cheque
4) Address Proof
5) Revenue Stamp

Documents Required for Cancellation / Surrender of DDA Flats

1. Original letter of issued by DDA, it is allotment-cum-demand letter.
2. Address identification proof of residence in case you change of address.
3. Bank details of transaction and verified slips attach with application form.

DDA Flats Surrender Penalty Fee Update 2018

DDA flats winner will be charged levy a heavy penalty, ranging from 25% to 100%, if anyone surrender their apartment after becoming winner.