Dwijing festival 2021, Images, Schedule, Program, News

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Dwijing festival is basically the festival of Assam’s culture which is organized by Assam tourism department, and Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC). This festival is a 12 days annual river fest that takes place every year starting from the 27th December to 7th January in Bodoland. Firstly, Bodo community initiated this festival in the year 2016-17 and named this festival with the title of “AIE RIVER WINTER FESTIVAL.” This festival is conducted on the northern side of Hagrama Bridge near to the banks of a river named AIE. Dwijing word developed by the addition of two words DWI which means river and jing means bank in the local language.

AIE River performs a very great role for the families of Bodoland because this is the only source of their livelihood. The AIE River is considered as “Mother Goddess” because the word AIE translates as Mother. This river starts from the mountains of Bhutan and passes through the Chirang and Bongaigaon district joining the Brahmaputra River before falling to its last destination, Bay of Bengal. This fest is also so famous because it comes around December and January which is like A New year fest for Assam culture. This fest is celebrated to introduce the nationalist and international media with the ethnic traditions and culture that makes this festival a major festival.

 The festival can be enjoyed by every kind of person either he loves to dance with buddies on live performance, foodie person, adventure loving or for someone who loves to stand in a corner and watch the festive vibes. Sometimes big celebrities like Neeti Mohan, Mika Singh, Malika Arora khana, Himesh Reshammiya etc are also invited for performances to make this fest more interesting and their presence plays a significant role in this fest. There are so many activities in this fest. People perform many types of folk and cultural dances, ethnic trade, food fest, musical performance, art exhibition, handicrafts stalls, sports, and games. Adventures activities are also enjoyed in this festival. For example, paragliding, river-rafting, hot Air balloon, horse ride, elephant ride, bamboo bridge walk, camel safari, etc. For the people who want to enjoy every kind of activity and want to stay near the fest ground, riverside campsites arrange for them. Any Indian festival is incomplete without food. In this fest, food is available from a non-vegetarian person to a pure vegetarian person.

 People have multiple options according to their choices. Rice cakes, silkworm, bamboo roasted pork and gravies which are made of drying jute leaves are considered as tastiest food in this fest, especially for foodie people. Ethnic markets and art exhibitions are also established in this fest. They made traditional Bodo huts, worship places, barn, and other structures. This fest is also popular because of its fantastic art where one can get hands on decorative handicrafts, and a huge category of handloom silks.

Dwijing festival 2021, Images, Schedule, Program, News

The main vision of this festival is promoting state tourism, the welfare of tribes and introducing the world with distinctive cultures of Bodoland which is now a most popular tourism place of North East India. Dwijing festival is one of the promotional events. Tourists come from different sides together to dance, laugh and celebrate life with outsiders. The main objective of dwijing festival is to focus on the business activities and economy generation through rural or state tourism. It facilitates better earning opportunities for local communities.

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