Ear Cuffs: Back in style


You have definitely worn multiple types of earring but have you try ever for ear cuff? You should try this.

Our fascination with the ear cuff continuous to grow season upon season, as the style elite, celebrity icons and designer catwalk shows continue to embrace and rediscover this key accessory trend. Here present classy and garnished ear cuffs that designed by Roberto Cavalli which are currently stay at the top in this fashion world. These ear cuffs are looking very modish, tense and unconventional.


If you don’t know that what is ear cuff then here we go: It is a type if earring worn around the edge of the ear. Ear cuffs are pieces of jewellery designed to hug the upper part of the ear. You can accessorize yourself by ear cuff that makes your look perfect and suit with any outfit.


We haven’t seen this before or is this a deja vu? When we deeply analyse of this ear cuff then we must be come to know that it is inspired by our desi kaanchan.

We can see our 90s fashionable women that wear these desi kaanchan and that is made by the gold, silver and embedded with semi – precious stones. Feather, leaf, peacock and other shapes is available in this form of earrings.


The fashion laid down from its place and faded away in the Indian fashion world. But now, it seems to have comeback and make its own place.

  Now Roberto Cavalli give his fashion an international place and present his modern design and cool cutbacks. Cara Delevigne and Diane Kruger have sported this type of fashion.


Most of the women like to wear ear cuffs because it can be wear in multiple ways and with any outfits. It can be a symbol of glamor. It is available in feather, chains and sparkling diamonds.

The tiger version that is very embellished and famous in current and it is represented in the Roberto Cavalli S/S 2013 Catwalk.




You can go for some simple designs or patterns which are available at reasonable price and can add in your outfit a definition of glamor and classy look.




You can also wear this ear cuff in your own way or style. You can either wear a single cuff or a pair that depending on your ow desire. This fashion of wearing a single ear cuff spread around the fashion world like the fire, mostly with the A – Listers like Miley Cyrus and Emma Watson.

ear cuff

Those women or girls who like to wear for something simple then go for an ear cuff with very simple metal design and those who like something sparkling or glitter, can go for gemstone.



I hope you like all these ear cuff. We really want that you should try this and tell us how you feel!

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