Flats Allotment Procedure Step by Step Guide and Procedure of Surrendering Flats Allotment Letter

Flats Allotment Procedure | Flats Allotment Procedure of Surrender | Procedure of Surrendering Flats Allotment Letter: What is flats allotment procedure? If you got flats in other location where do not want to go then you may surrender your flats allotment according development authority or housing board rules. In our article you will find flats allotment.

Applicants start waiting for flats allotment. It may more be excited moment if you select flats out of million application. Housing board scheme come one or two in a year, so people wait for it. When flats registration form start, maximum number of people show their interest. Million applicants apply for it then start to await for allotment.

Housing board decide a procedure of allotment so winner can allot flats and no man should objection, that is correct procedure. Every housing board has own style, but some common rules and procedure of flats allotment which are following.

1. Development authority collect application then draw lottery for flat allotment.
2. Selected name of applicants have to allot flats according their choice of location in housing schemes.
3. All procedure of flats allotment complete on computer so automatically done correctly. Winner’s name of selected persons show on the computer’s screen.
If manually draw system use then make slip of all applicants then put in box and sake it then ask to pick up slip to child, this is extremely lucky who’s name select by slip, one by one slip pick up and this process goes till equal to total flats number.

After confirmation of winner name for flats, allotment letter offers and next procedure should follow. You got flats allotment letter then you may excited to know what is procedure of next?

1. Housing development authority organizes camp to distribute allotment letter to all winners.
2. Selected candidates have to submit rest of payment within 90 Days of allotment date.
3. Installment amount and allotment documents like address proof, agreement and verification complete in 30 Days.
4. Some people do not get flats according choice location then they want to surrender allotment, but it possible if they follow Procedure of Surrendering Flats Allotment Letter. It has already published on housing website.

Candidates may sell other person this allotment letter under rules. There are many people who want to surrender or sell flats leased or allotment letter on agreement, it may personal because housing board do not allow, if failed then flats will allot to one of waiting list.

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