3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Wooden Floors Looking Great

1. Take your shoes off! Whenever you walk on hardwood flooring with unclean footwear, you will be leaving loads of sand and dirt behind. These types of aggressive particles may damage your wooden floors. Place mats both outside and also inside to reduce tracked-in dirt. In snowy or even rainy weather, include a footwear removal area to prevent damage from water as well as de-icers.

2. Always remove dust with a vacuum or dust mop before you decide to clean a wooden floor. Rubbing dirt into your floors is not advisable. Dust the hardwood flooring with a mop that has been treated with a dusting agent (or perhaps use a microfiber duster) to grab dust, dirt, and pet fur.

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Wooden Floors Looking Great

For occasional deep cleaning (dust, oil as well as dirt will develop as time passes), the best way for cleaning wood floors is a cup of vinegar combined with one gallon of water. Submerge a clean mop into the solution and then wring it until it is damp-dry. Mop the wooden floors directly towards the floorboards, so if the water dries with a little bit of a streak in it, it will eventually not be as obvious. After mopping, use a soft, clean cloth to dry it or perhaps allow it air dry. Check this Best Mops for Wood Floor Cleaning.

If you wish to get a bit creative, steep 1 bag of tea in 2 cups of boiling water and then leave until it comes to room temperature. Take away tea bag and then soak cloth in liquid, wring out and then wipe floor clean. Dry with a soft cloth. The tannic acid in the tea helps bring wood to a shine.

3. After cleaning your wooden floors, if you discover any specific scratches, here’s a basic idea to try: Take a crayon the color of the wood flooring and then rub it on the scratch to fill up the space. Turn a blow dryer on high, heat the spot where the crayon was put on and then buff it with a soft cloth.

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