basic full form in computer

Basic Full Form in COMPUTER is:-

The Basic Full Form of COMPUTER is:-

COMPUTER is a word which derives from the Latin word “Computare” which means to calculate or to think together. It is software machine which performs many tasks at a time.
Charles Babbage was known as the father of the computer because he is the person who invented the Computer . It is very useful machine which is very important for our to perform different tasks in short time.

U-Used for
T-Technological and
E-Educational and

basic full form in computer
  • This is a machine which is used in every field of study or science and the many more.
  • It has many parts like CPU, Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker, Monitor. The combination of all these parts is known as COMPUTER.
  • This is a machine which is used for many of purposes everywhere.
  • It takes input or task from the user and give quick results or output to the user.
  • It uses in schools, offices, shops, companies, railway station and many more places.
  • It is a source which is used for store the data and maintain the data.
  • It can store your all important data and maintain it for your whole life.
  • In other words, we can say it is a machine which is instructed by the user to accept, process, store and output data.
  • Advantages of COMPUTER:-
    Store large amount of data
    Saves time
    Manipulation of data
    Speed of processing is fast
  • COMPUTER plays a great role in our daily life and become part of every activities in every field of study and work.
  • It also reduce paper work which helps in saving trees.
  • This can be used by every person and it is very easy to use.

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