cid full form

CID Full Form

  • The Full Form of the CID is Crime Investigation Department.
  • This is a Department which is for the investigation of the crimes which is done by the criminals or the culprits.
  • This is team of people who investigate the activities of the crime.
  • In 1902, this is created by the British Government which is based on the recommendations of the Police Commission.
  • CID has many several branches in almost every state of the India. These are the several branches of the CID:-
    Anti-Terrorism squad
    Anti-Narcotics Cell
    Finger Print Bureau
    Anti-Human Trafficking & Missing Persons Cell
  • The CID investigate the Criminal cases like Rape, Murder, Theft, Robbery, Fraud and the more big cases of the crime.
  • CID catches the real culprit or the criminal and present them in the court with evidence and then the real culprit punished by the court for his wrong criminal activities which is illegal.
  • It is the Department which was established for the welfare of the society and to eliminate the crimes and the negative thing from the society and to establish a country without crime.
  • It is the best step which was taken by the Government for the benefit of the people of the country.
cid full form

Some other Full Forms of the CID

These are the some other Full Forms of the CID which is given below for your knowledge.

CID Call Instance Data
CID Card Identification Digit
CID Computer Integrated Depositions
CID Cinematic Intuitive Dynamix
CID Cedar Rapids/ Iowa City, Iowa USA
CID Communication Interaction Disorder
CID Compare and Ignore Data
CID Customer Interface Device
CID Chieftain International, Inc.
CID Client Information Database
CID Cooperative Intrusion Detection
CID Cooperative Intrusion Detection
CID Craft Interface Device
CID Counter Intelligence Division
CID City Improvement District
CID Critical Incident Debriefing
CID Central Investigation Department
CID Consider It Done
CID Cubic Inch Displacement
CID Cell Identification number
CID Community Improvement District
CID Combat IDentification
CID Charge-Injection Device
CID Criminal Investigation Department
CID Collision-Induced Dissociation

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