co full form

co full form

CO has the following full forms which are different fields. Here full forms of CO are given.

CO – Carbon Monoxide (Chemistry)
CO – Commanding Officer (Army)
CO – Clinic Officer (Medical)
CO – Circle Officer (Police)
CO – Common Operator (Computer)
CO – Contracting Officer (Contractor)
CO – Commissioner Officer (Police)
CO – Correction Officer
CO – Company

co full form
Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas. Which originates from factories. It is made by chemical.

Commanding Officer

They are related to their duties. In this, they are made better warriors and a soldier is made who is always ready for any war.
Commanding officers are very disciplined, their entire routine runs on one principle. They do a service for their country and for this the whole country is proud of them.

Clinic Officer

A clinic officer who handles a clinic. This is a medical department. We all know about medicine, it is related to our health where any physical ailment is treated.
Clinic officers maintain a clinic and take care of all the activities that take place in it. A clinic officer has the responsibility of running a clinic in principle as well as they also manage all the staff and its system.