cpu full form

CPU Full Form:

CPU’s full-form is central processing units. The CPU is the central processing unit in Hindi. It is a small piece of hardware that processes all the instructions of a computer program. It is also called the brain of the computer because it handles instructions received from all the hardware and software connected to the computer and receives, processes and produces the instructions and data received from the input devices.

cpu full form

CPU Functions:

1) CPU is considered as the brain of the computer.
2) CPU performs all types of data processing operations.
3) It stores data, intermediate results and instructions.
4) With this it controls all the options of all parts of the computer.

CPU’s work:

Fetch: Instruction is received in this and it is passed to the CPU by RAM. In simple language, we can say that whatever task we give to the computer. He is first brought to the CPU by fetch.
Decode: In this decoding processing, it tells the CPU which instructions to complete so that the CPU can execute it. After fetching, the CPU sends the instruction to the circuit, which is called decode.
Execute: In this the decode instruction is sent to complete on the relevant parts of the CPU, then the results are often corrected in the CPU register, where the complete design for the instruction is prepared.