cr full form

cr full form

CR has many flower forms which have different meanings. They are connected to different regions. Many such full forms of CR are given below. Knowledge of full forms is often required in our daily life or future. That is why it has been told about them here.

cr full form

Some Examples:-

CR – Credit (Banking)
CR – Conversion Rate
CR – Capital Receipts
CR – Central Railway
CR – Carriage Return
CR – Counting Resolution (Government)
CR – Complete Response
CR – Clinical Research
CR – Compression Ratio

Military & Defence

CR – Continuous Recruitment
CR – Critical Recruitment
CR – Continuing Resolution
CR – Close Range
CR – Compact Riffle
CR – Communication Recruitment
CR – Conventional Recoil


CR – Coaches Recommendation
CR – Cristiano Ronaldo
CR – Chief Refree
CR – Challenge Rating
CR – Club Racing
CR – Cup Racer
CR – Colorado Rockies
CR – Caf Racer


CR – Crore
CR – Credit
CR – Card Rate
CR – Current Ratio
CR – Contingency Reserve


CR – Cost Reduced
CR – Cash Receipt
CR – Cumulative Raking
CR – Constraint Rules
CR – Compact Radius
CR – Conserved Region
CR – Chincharini & Roods
CR –Centralized Remapping
CR – Compression Ratio

Science & Technology

CR – Carriage Return
CR – Chromium
CR – Cyclotron Resonance
CR – Comfortable Runabout
CR – Communication Range
CR – Card Reader
CR – Certification Requirement
CR – Change Request
CR – Configuration Review
CR – Control Room
CR – Corona Resistance
CR – Crew


CR – Columbia Resin
CR – Command Response
CR – Create & Replace
CR – Comfort Room
CR – Capabilities Request

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