dm full form

dm full form

DM has many different forms which are related to different fields and they are used for work in their respective fields.

DM – Direct Message (Computer)
DM – Liabilities Millitus (Medical)
DM – Dry Matter (Science)
DM – Dominica (Computer)
DM – Disaster Management
DM – Deutsche Mark (Currency)
DM – Doctorate of Medicine (Academic Degree)
DM – Death Match (Computing)
DM – Decimeter (Science)
DM – Dystrophia Motonica (Medicle)
DM – Doctor of Management (Academic Science)
DM – District Magistrate (Officer)

Direct Message

A direct message is a communication that is used on Normally social media. In this, two or more people do it on any social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Instagram etc. Direct messages provide quick and direct transmission of communication without interruption.

District Magistrate

District Magistrate is the collector of a district who provides service in it and also manages the district’s system. A collector has full responsibility for that district.
District Magistrate is a respectable position.
The Collector attains this post after his hard work and is a Administrative Service Officer.