full form of computer parts

  • Computer is machine which is used for many purposes in every field of the study or science.
  • This is a machine that can do the work of many people alone, in a short time.
  • It performs many functions and tasks.
  • It takes input from the user and give quick result to them.
The Full Form of COMPUTER is :-

C-Common O-Operating M-Machine P-Particular U-Used for T-Technical E-Education and R-Research

  • The Computer has many parts like CPU, Monitor, Speaker, Keyboard and the Mouse.
  • There are two categories of the parts of the Computer like input and output devices.
  • It is best source for work quickly, smartly and fast.
  • It saves the time and reduces man and paperwork.
  • It saves trees.
  • It is generally found everywhere whether in offices, railway station, schools, shops and many other places.

Full Form of Computer Parts

These are the parts of the Computer system:-

ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
BIOSBasic Input/Output System
CADComputer-Assisted Design, or Computer-Aided Drafting
CDCompact Disk
CPUCentral Processing Unit
DVDDigital Versatile Disk
DVIDigital Visual Interface
EBCDICExtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
EEPROMElectrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EPROMErasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
FDDFloppy Disk Drive
GUIGraphical User Interface
HDDHard Disk Drive
HDMIHigh-Definition Multimedia Interface
HLLHigh-Level Language
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
IPInternet Protocol
IPSIn-Plane Switching (or Instructions Per Second)
ISPInternet Service Provider
LANLocal Area Network
LCDLiquid-Crystal Display
LEDLight-Emitting Diode
LLLLow-Level Language
MANMetropolitan Area Network
MIPSMillions of Instructions Per Second
NTPNetwork Time Protocol
POSTPower-On Self-Test
PROMProgrammable Read-Only Memory
PSUPower Supply Unit
RAIDRedundant Array of Independent Disks (or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks)
RAMRandom Access Memory
ROMRead-Only Memory
SMPSSwitched-Mode Power Supply
SMSShort Message Service
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SSDSolid State Drive
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TNTwisted Nematic
URLUniform Resource Locator
USBUniversal Serial Bus
VDUVisual Display Unit
VGAVideo Graphics Array
WANWide Area Network
WWWWorld Wide Web

Explanation of Some Parts of the Computer System:-

Full Form of CPU

  • The Full Form of CPU is Central Processing Unit.
  • This is known as the brain of the Computer.
  • It takes input from the user, then compute or operate the commands of the user and give result or output to the user.
  • It performs all the arithmetical and logical tasks.
  • This is a processor which includes the control unit, arithmetical logical unit and memory unit.
  • It is the most important part of the Computer System among the all.

Full Form of DVD

  • The Full Form of the Digital Versatile Disk.
  • This is a disk which is used for storage or to store the data.
  • This offers high storage capacity.
  • This is like DVD-ROM because in this data can be read only, not deleted or written.