mobile full form

Full Form of Mobile

  • The Full Form of MOBILE is:- M-Modified O-Operation B-Byte I-Integration L-Limited E-Energy
  • MOBILE is a source of communication which helps to communicate to the world.
  • It is a portable communicable device and easy to carry.
  • This makes easy for the people to know about everything and every time on every place.
  • This is very easy to use for every generation.
  • MOBILE is also known as Cell Phone, Cellular Phone, Wireless Phone etc. In smart language it is known as Smart Phone.
  • This is used not only for making calls. It is used for so many purposes like to send messages, e-mail, Photographs, videos, listen songs, watching videos, to do online works and the many more entertainment and useful purposes.
  • It is very useful device from which you can know about anything and it is also shorten up the distance between two people.
  • The first ever mobile of the world was invented in 1973 by the Engineer John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper.
  • It is the best ever source of communication and information.
mobile full form

Advantages of MOBILE

  • It helps in saving the time. It makes your work so easy and complete in short time.
  • It reduces the man power and paper work.
  • We can communicate to any of the person from every corner of the world.
  • With the help of INTERNET in MOBILE we can contact or can make new friends with the social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more but it needs INTERNET.
  • It makes calculations easy and quick.
  • This is a Small Gadget which is easy to carry and portable that can carry in pocket. It is small but it does big things.
  • With the help of this Gadget we can make cash transaction and money transfer with using ATM very easily and fast.
  • We can do online shopping without going market.

Disadvantages of MOBILE

  • Excess use of MOBILE leads to Mental and Physical health issues.
  • Our eye sight become weak due to excess use of MOBILE phone.
  • The Radiations of the MOBILE is very harmful not only for the people but also for the animals and birds.
  • There are so many people who are the addicted of the MOBILE Phone. They use MOBILE Phones on the road also that leads to the accidents also.
  • The use of MOBILE Phones distracts the mind of the people and they are not able to concentrate on the studies, work and on any other things.
  • There are many people who listen songs in the earphones loudly it also effect our ears and the ability of hearing and listening.
  • There are also so many people who are the addicted of games not only kids but also the young ones which is not for our health.