otg full form

otg full form

Over The Glasses (Technology)
Oven Toaster Griller (Society)
Off The Grid (Society)
On To Go (Phone)

On To Go

On To Go is a system of the phone that operates and controls the phone. There are many options in this, such as keyboards, USB devices, cameras, multimedia systems, flash drives, mice, etc. The phone is a technical device that is very useful for us. It also has a medium On To Go.

Over The Glasses

Over the glosses means that the glasses are attached to the glasses and the glass is covered by a glass frame. Everyone knows about glasses, there are many types like sun glasses, eye etc.

Off The Grid

Off the Grid means designing the building and lifestyle. There are many purposes to build buildings. After this, how to decorate it, it is all related to a building so that better Lifestyle can be provided.