poc full form

poc full form

The following meanings are given here and the information related to them is also mentioned. POC has many meanings which are useful in different fields.

POC— Proof of Concept (Management)
POC– Proof of Contact
POC– Point of Call (BPO)
POC– Percentage of Competition (Finance)
POC– Port of Call

poc full form
Proof of Concept

Proof of concept has different meanings in different languages ​​like management, sales, java point etc. If any work is done then a policy and plan is prepared for it. It is a kind of practice that is adopted to know the condition of the guess. The proof of concept varies from region to region.

Proof of Contact

Proof of contact is related to any contact. There are two types of contact formal and non formal. It can be any job, department or any other kind. Proof of concept is a kind of bill that gives proof of their condition.

Point of Call

Point of call is related to BPO department. A point of call means that whenever a call is made, the call is stopped once for some time. –
There is also a port of call where the ship stops after arrival. This is called the point of call.
For some time, when the power stops when traveling somewhere. It is related to sea travel