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Full Form of TC

Transfer Certificate

  • The Full Form of TC is Transfer Certificate.
  • This Certificate is given when a person transfers from one place to another.
  • If someone take admission from one school to another or from one college to another, then this Certificate is given to them.
  • In other words, we can say when somebody is in school, college or at any work and he or she transfer to other place because of some there personal reason, at that time they get Transfer Certificate.
  • This Certificate is very important for every person when he or she transfer from one place to other to take admission in the school, college o
  • r any other field of study.
  • This contain information about the person like their name, phone number, address, qualification, behavior, name of mother and father and many other information.
  • This reduces the chances of fraud.
  • This is must needed by a candidate when he or she is taking admission in the school, college, university and many other streams of study.
tc full form

Ticket Collector

  • Ticket Collector is a post of person in the job of Railway.
  • It is a person in the train who checks the ticket of the people who are traveling in the trains.
  • The job of a Ticket Collector is to check if a person is a traveling with ticket or without ticket and if a person is traveling without ticket then he or she has to pay extra fine for this.
  • Ticket Collector helps people to give information about the services of the Railways and timing of the Train.

Team Captain

  • Team Captain is a person who is the head of the team.
  • The responsibility to train the team members is on the Team Captain.
  • Every team has its Captain who guides them how to do work and how to get success in the life.
  • A Team Captain always motivates his team members to achieve their goals and desire.
  • He give right direction to his team members so that they get success in their life.

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