Wifi Full Form

WIFI full form:

WiFi is full form wireless fidelity. WiFi is the name of a wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed Internet and network connections.
 This wireless connectivity, often referred to as WiFi, is a technology that allows your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet device to connect to high-speed Internet without the need for a physical wired connection.

Wifi Full Form

Meaning Of WIFI:

WiFi is a technology in which network connectivity is provided using radio wave.
An adapter for a WiFi connection is made a hotpot which is usually a wireless router and is connected to other devices such as mobile, laptop, game console, or PC for Internet access.
After configuring WiFi, it broadcasts 2.4GHz to 5GHz frequency, depending on the size of the data.
WiFi is the name of a popular wireless technology that uses radio signals for wireless high-speed Internet and network connections.

Working Of WIFI in Hindi:

The easiest way to understand WiFi is for example take WiFi installed in an office or home. It consists of a device that transmits a wireless signal that is usually a router or hot-spot.
It has a cable for internet connection coming from outside and it establishes a communication network through wireless signals on all the divisions around it such as laptop or mobile.
The other way is a hot-spot device that shares the Internet with other devices via a wireless signal.

Benefits of WiFi:

1) Users of wireless networks can access the Internet from any convenient location and for this they do not have to connect to any wire.
2) Users can access the Internet at any time by connecting their mobile phone to the private and public wireless network of the home.
3) For wireless network you do not need any physical cable which saves the cost of the network apart from it also saves money.
4) There is no need to spend more to increase the number of users on a wireless network than a wired connection. More than one user can be connected to the same router.

Disadvantages of WiFi:

1) WiFi provides very good internet speed with cable connection but hot-spot WIFI does not get good speed at city location.
2) Because it has a limit, there is a limit of WiFi network area. It can be used only by staying around it.
3) It can be used only in fixed location and area. On using it on the other side of the wall, its speed decreases.
4) The security of WiFi network is very weak compared to mobile connection, it can be easily accessed by a small hacker.