Gandhi Jayanti 2020 Quotes, Gandhi Jayanti Speech, Essay

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 Gandhi jayanti is considered as a national day in India which is celebrated on 2nd October, every year. On 2nd October 1869 Mahatma Gandhi took birth in Porbandar, Gujarat. His full name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and this day is celebrated to remember him. Mahatma Gandhi is also recognized as “Rashtrapita” or “Father of the Nation. On this day, people give their valuable time to recalling his principles. Gandhiji is the devotee of truth (satya) and non-violence (ahinsa). Mahatma Gandhi belonged to a middle-class family. He went to South Africa to complete his higher study of law at the age of 24.

He stayed there for 21 years, and came back to India at the age of 45 in 1915. After that, he became a member of the National Congress. After some time because of his hard work he became the president of congress. He took birth at the time when British people are ruling in India. Mahatma Gandhi played a very momentous role for the Indian independence. Gandhiji loved his nation very much, and he was against the British rule, and strictly raised his voice against the path of violence. He also made powerful efforts to help poor and needy people. 


 I wish you a very happy Gandhi jayanti. I wish you to give your salutations on this day to the person who is the ideal of humanity. May all the people pay their tribute to the leader of non-violence and try to make the best India. The day of 2nd October is very important to give respect to a major person who is the father of our nation. In 2020, India will celebrate the 151th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. On this day, I hope that every citizen of India recalls the struggles that are faced by Bapu and always value their freedom. Mahatma Gandhi is one who inspires and motivates every person even today.

I wish you to be fearless, self-believer like Gandhi, always speak truth, and always follow the path of Gandhi. If anyone follows the path of Gandhi then he can succeed in every toughest condition. It is well said by Gandhi that if you can do something in a calm way then don,’t need to take violent actions. You can win any fight without violence. The youth generation is the future of the nation. So, I wish them happy Gandhi jayanti and hope they think before doing anything because doing the right thing can lead us to the right destination. The best thing we can give to Mahatma Gandhi is to remember him and keep him in our memories. His idea of simple living and higher thinking not only inspire the past generation, but also to the coming generations.

We can also get inspiration from him to be punctual and follow the path of non-violence. Gandhi jayanti is celebrated in every school and colleges by the prayers and tributes. The main event is held at RAJ Ghat, Delhi where he was cremated. Many programs are organized to commemorate this day which includes special camps for bringing public services to the less privileged in society, camps for spreading awareness about cleanliness and environment preservation, yoga, and blood donation camps along with cultural activities. On this day, many commemorative ceremonies are organized in different cities by government institutions, schools, colleges and social-political institutions. Gandhi’s favorite bhajan which is also a Hindu devotional song, “RAGHUPATI RAGAV RAJA RAM” is sung by people for recalling his principles and teachings. Students in many schools and colleges take part in drama and performance on Mahatma Gandhi’s life. On this day, people gather near statues of Mahatma Gandhi in cities and towns and pay tribute to him. Some conspicuous people and political leaders give speeches to inspire us by Mahatma Gandhi’s life. 

They also take a promise to follow the path of peace and non-violence. On this day, some organizations also launch a quiz, essay, drawing, speech competition for students. 2nd October has also been declared as an International day of non-violence by the United Nations General Assembly on the 15th of June 2007. He not only fought for the India independent, but also raised his voice against various social malicious acts like untouchability, casteism, female subjection etc. So, this is the day for ourselves to reflect, and cherish Bapu’s great personality, and we can also try to live like him. This is certainly a very nationalist and dutiful day for India.

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