Acajou Granite From Canada

Acajou Granite From Canada | A specification of Acajou like Size and Thickness:

Acajou Slabs:
Thickness – 1.8 CM, 2 CM and 2.5 CM
Size: 5ft, 6ft and 7.5 ft long, height: 2, 2.5 and 3 ft

Acajou Tiles:
Thickness – 12MM, 1.5 MM, 20 MM
Size: 6 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch, 24 inch

Special size of Acajou granite can be provided on demand of client.

Canada Acajou Granite Photos:-

Acajou Granite From Canada
Acajou Granite From Canada

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Acajou granite importer list 2015
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It has various forms. Find Acajou granite cut into size:-

Acajou Granite Blocks: Acajou stone digs from mines then supply direct, it is rough Acajou blocks. It also supplies after dressing and finishing.
Acajou Granite Slabs: Acajou slabs supply both natural materials and finishing. Acajou natural will without polish and finishing.
Acajou Granite Countertops: Kitchen designs make attractive installing Acajou granite tops. Acajou Kitchen tops also available light thickness and heavy, choose as you wish.
Acajou Granite Kitchen Tops: Acajou Kitchen tops size and thickness cut to size after confirming order.
Acajou Granite flooring: The best placement of Acajou granite is flooring. Install its tiles  or slabs.
Acajou Granite design images and application: Designers and home owners should check Acajou granite application before install Acajou granite in own house.
Acajou Granite Tiles: A small size of Acajou granite which easy to install and carry anywhere, back and install it.
Acajou Granite Tile Price: Pirce of Acajou granite tile may some costly, but easy to use.
Acajou Granite Slab Price: Large and long size thin Acajou tile is a slabs, it uses to install on large area of flooring projects.