Argentina American Red Granite

American Red Granite is popular name of granite in Argentina. It is available in Argentina.

It uses to export and import around the world. This is natural granite stone products of Argentina. It digs in Argentina. This same colour may find in other countries, but American Red Granite of Argentina has many new natural features.

American Red Granite can import and export as a tiles, slabs and blocks.

American Red Granite Gangsawn Slabs Size:-
260 to 320 x 120 to 200 x 2 & 3 cms (102″ to 126″ x 47″ to 78″ )

American Red Granite Cutter Slabs Size:-
220 to 300 x 70 to 105 x 2 & 3 cms (86″ to 118″ x 27″ to 41″ )

American Red Granite Cut To Size Slabs
Produced to your specifications

Argentina American Red Granite Slabs, Tiles, Blocks
Argentina American Red Granite Slabs, Tiles, Blocks

Uses of Argentina American Red Granite: It can uses as Slabs, Tiles, Blocks and many other forms. It cuts to size as requirement of application.

Application: It is one of granite products which have already used in thousand buildings small projects to big real estate construction projects.