Argentine Balmoral Red Granite Slabs, Tiles Price Details

Argentine Balmoral is another name of granite product which is a products of natural stone source. Natural stone source has a big list of stone products, but it is one of selected stone. It knows as different name as Argentine Balmoral, Balmoral Argentino and Balmoral Red Granite in local language.

Balmoral is a granite which has combination of different shape and natural designs in it. All these designs attracts both interior and exterior.

What sizes are using of this granite?

Balmoral Argentino Gangsawn Slabs Size:-
260 to 320 x 120 to 200 x 2 & 3 cms (102″ to 126″ x 47″ to 78″ )

Balmoral Argentino Cutter Slabs Size:-
220 to 300 x 70 to 105 x 2 & 3 cms (86″ to 118″ x 27″ to 41″ )

Balmoral Argentino Cut To Size Slabs
Produced to your specifications, what your project need it.

Argentine Balmoral Red Granite
Argentine Balmoral Red Granite

It is Argentine Balmoral Red Granite. It is hard, but can make smooth and polish on it. It shines well. It is useful for kitchen as well as both interior and exterior projects.

Import and export of Argentine Balmoral Red Granite is possible. Argentine Balmoral Red Granite can import from Argentina to any country.

It has various price as polish, finishing and rough natural – price of Argentine Balmoral Red Granite starts low to high as per its finish and polish. rough Balmoral granite tile and slabs may low cost than finishing and polishing products.