Granite Azul Andes Argentina Details, Price

Azul Andes is famous Granite of Argentina. It knows locally name of Azul Andes, Blue Andes Granite, Azul Tango and many others.

It looks like blue Andes so its named Blue Andes Granite, but Azul Andes granite famous around the world so online internet world knows it as Azul Andes Blue Granite of Argentina.

It can cut to size and can give various forms. General sizes of Azul Andes granite is here.

Azul Andes Granite Gangsawn Slabs Size:-

260 to 320 x 120 to 200 x 2 & 3 cms (102″ to 126″ x 47″ to 78″ )

Azul Andes Granite Cutter Slabs Size:-

220 to 300 x 70 to 105 x 2 & 3 cms (86″ to 118″ x 27″ to 41″ )

Azul Andes Granite Cut To Size Slabs:-

Produced to your specifications

Granite Azul Andes Argentina Details, Price
Granite Azul Andes Argentina Details, Price

The final measurement of Azul Andes Granite is not fixed, because every project requires different sizes so special size can be cut to size according buyers requirement.

Azul Andes Granite can export as well as import it. It finds rough, finish and polished tiles and slabs. Azul Andes Granite price list can find low to high as per its quality and finishing.