How Much Does Granite Cost Per SQ Ft – Granite Prices Per SQ Ft

Granite cost per square feet (price sq ft) is the way of medium to import or buy from any location. This medium is same for all. Get all are granite cost in per square feet, a granite cost table is for all granite stones from all countries. Granite price or cost per sq feet starts from $18 to $22 without installation. It is factory price. Production unit offers granite cost per sq ft and per sq meter.

How Much Does Granite Cost Per SQ Ft – Granite Prices Per SQ Ft

Absolute Black2cm / 3cm$18 sq ft / $22 sq ftIndiaBlack
Alaskan White3cm$35 sq ftBrazilWhite
White Fantasy3cm$26 sq ftBrazilGrey
Impala Black3cm$40 sq ftAfricaBlack
Bianco Romano3cm$35 sq ftBrazilWhite
Ivory Fantasy3cm$35 sq ftBrazilWhite
Super White3cm$50 sq ftBrazilWhite
Cambrian Black3cm$53 sq ftCanadaBlack
Black Forest3cm$22 sq ftIndiaBlack
Black Cosmic3cm$40 sq ftBrazilBlack
Black Pearl3cm$16 sq ftIndiaBlack
Blue Pearl3cm$40 sq ftNorwayBlue
Sapphire Blue3cm$35 sq ftIndiaBlue
Volga Blue3cm$35 sq ftFinlandBlue
Rainforest Green3cm$24 sq ftIndiaGreen
Aruba Gold3cm$20 sq ftVenezuelaBeige
Baltic Brown3cm$13 sq ftFinlandBrown
Black Galaxy3cm$32 sq ftIndiaBlack
Madura Gold3cm$26 sq ftIndiaVaries
Luna Pearl3cm$10 sq ftChinaGrey
Lapidus3cm$20 sq ftBrazilYellow
Giallo Renoir3cm$20 sq ftBrazilBeige
White Spring3cm$20 sq ftBrazilWhite
Juparana Bordeaux3cm$40 sq ftBrazilRed
Delicatus Creme3cm$40 sq ftBrazilYellow
White River3cm$15 sq ftIndiaWhite
Juparana Fantastico3cm$18 sq ftBrazilYellow
Juparana Taupe3cm$15 sq ftChinaGrey
Colombo Gold3cm$15 sq ftIndiaGold
Bordeaux River3cm$20 sq ftBrazilGrey
Giallo California3cm$15 sq ftBrazilBrown
Imperial Red3cm$15 sq ftIndiaRed

How Much Does Granite Prices Per SQ Ft

The hardest stone in the world is granite, it uses in kitchen, interior, exterior, tomb and many other places. According to use of granite, its price decide, because its thickness also require according use of granite.

Without installation and rough/without polishing, finishing granite price is low, but finish granite has added some extra cost per sq ft.