Best 100 Indian Granite Colors You Must Check

Best 100 Indian Granite Colors You Must Check. These 100 Indian granite colors may be the best option for your dream home.

Granite is the stone which is used on a very large scale to design the homes with best quality granite with different colour and different shapes. India is the largest granite exporter country in all over the world. It is the most demandable and usable stone in all over the world. Granite is the hardest stone among the all types of Granite.

All Indian Granite Colors

There are so many states of India and other countries of the world who have the mines of Granite. They are very hard in nature, have durability and have an excellent polish on their surface due to which they shines like a diamond. Those houses which have granite in it seems very beautiful and attractive.

India exports 80% to 85% of local Granite in all over the World. The first quality which is very expensive material is exported in the forign countries, the second quality material is used by the high standard people or rich business man of the India and the third quality material which is very cheap at price used by common people or middle class people.

Different Colours of Granite

100 Granite Colors from India

There are many types of colours which are available in Granite. Here are the list of different types of colours of Granite.

  1. Black Granite
  2. White Granite
  3. Red Granite
  4. Blue Granite
  5. Brown Granite
  6. Yellow Granite
  7. Beige Granite
  8. Green Granite
  9. Pink Granite 

Indian Granite Location

There are the major sources of Granite in India like Aravali mountains and plateau of Deccan. Here are two categories of Granite.

  • South Indian Granite
  • North Indian Granite

Indian Granite Quarry Location

  • Madhya Pradesh,
  • (Bangalore, Mysore) of Karnataka,
  • (Vishakhapatnam, Ongole) of Andhra Pradesh,
  • (Selam, Shoolgiri, Madurai, Chennai) of Tamil Nadu,
  • (Khammam, Hyderabad, Karimnaga) of Telangana,
  • Rajasthan,
  • Gujarat,
  • Orissa are the states which have the most quarries of Granite.

West Bengal, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand are the most huge deposit states of Granite. Chattisgarh is the only state who has the new quarries of Granite. There are two cities who are the capitals of Indian Granite. Banglore and Udaipur are the two cities which is capital of Granite. Here the major processing of Granite is done.

South Indian Famous Granite

  1. Titanium Black Granite
  2. Alaska Gold Granite
  3. Crystal Blue Granite
  4. Sapphire Blue Granite
  5. Colonial Gold Granite
  6. Jhansi Red Granite
  7. Himalayan Blue Granite
  8. Colonial White Granite
  9. Bianco Antico Granite
  10. Absolute Black Granite
  11. New Imperial Red Granite
  12. Tan Brown Granite
  13. Black Galaxy Granite
  14. Rosy Pink Granite
  15. Monte Cristo Granite
  16. Indian Juparana Granite
  17. Jasmine White Granite
  18. Pebble Black Granite
  19. Moon White Granite
  20. Azul Nueva Granite
  21. White Galaxy Granite
  22. Platinum White Granite
  23. Fantasy Brown Granite
  24. French Green Granite
  25. Hassan Green Granite
  26. Lavender Blue Granite
  27. Black Forest Granite
  28. Blue Dunes Granite
  29. Tiger Skin Granite
  30. Fantasy White Granite
  31. Vizag Blue Granite
  32. Ivory Brown Granite
  33. Verde Marina Granite
  34. Black Pearl Granite
  35. Steel Grey Granite
  36. Viscon White Granite
  37. Kashmir White Granite
  38. River White Granite
  39. Crystal Yellow Granite
  40. Rajasthan Black Granite
  41. Desert Brown Granite
  42. Alaska White Granite
  43. Red Multi Color Granite
  44. Paradiso Classico Granite
  45. Paradiso Bash Granite
  46. Imperial White Granite

North Indian Famous Granite

  1. Rajasthan Black Granite
  2. Crystal Yellow Granite
  3. New Imperial Red Granite
  4. Rosy Pink Granite
  5. Chima Pink Granite
  6. French Green Granite
  7. Desert Brown Granite
  8. Desert Gold Granite
  9. Royal Cream Granite
  10. Koliwada Blue Granite
  11. Tiger Skin Granite
  12. Alaska White Granite
  13. Bianco Antico Granite
  14. Blue Dunes Granite
  15. Monte Cristo Granite
Best 100 Indian Granite Colors You Must Check
Best 100 Indian Granite Colors You Must Check

Uses of Indian Granite

As you all know, Granite is the hardest stone which is used for various purposes in the houses to give a different royal and luxurious look to their house. Here in the above information there is different type of colours and varieties of Granite which is used in the house for flooring, in kitchen and countertops, tabletops, stairs, outdoor areas, bedrooms, living and drawing room, bathroom and bathroom tiles, wall cladding and are used in many other types of purposes.

Here are all the information about the Granite is available for those who want to know the types and colors of the Granite. If you want to know any other information about any other thing you can visit our site.