Happy Ambedkar Jayanti 2021 Photo, Quotes, Wishes

Happy Ambedkar Jayanti 2020 Photo, Quotes, Wishes

Ambedkar Jayanti 

Ambedkar Jayanti which is also known as Bheem Jayanti. Each year on 14th April Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated all over this is the day when Dr Ambedkar who is termed as architect of Indian constitution was born. His full name is BhimRao Ambedkar. Dr Ambedkar has started a social political movement which was known by the name of dalit Buddhist movement it started in the year 1956. He was conferred with the Bharat Ratna India’s highest civilian award in the year 1990. Since 2015 this day is also observed as an official public holiday in whole India. Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated not just in India, but also all around the world. He was born at the time, when India was away from education at that time education was only provided to the upper caste peoples. A lot of discrimination was going on at that time. 

The people who belong to lower caste were not even allowed to hear the scriptures. At that time lower caste people were treated worse than animals. He also belongs from the untouchable family. He was the 14th child of his parents. Bheemrav started treating the entire people equal in spite of doing any type of discrimination. He had gained as much knowledge as was possible in his lifetime; he was a great reader. A lot of celebrations are done on this day in remembrance of Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar. More than 11 crore people participate in the celebration of Bhimrao Jayanti but this year because of the lockdown this event could be celebrated by people from their homes. He was a great person he had fought against the discrimination based on caste, Creed etc. Many events take place on this day in school colleges’ auditoriums etc.

On this day a custom that the president Prime Minister and leaders of other parties pay homage to his statue at Parliament New Delhi. He was the first untouchable Indian to have a College degree he was the one who started a campaign for political rights, and social freedom for all the people who belong from lower caste and are untouchables. He has struggled and fighted a lot. For getting equality. We should celebrate this day while paying him a tribute. This is the date to pay tribute to him whatever he had done for our country. He was a great leader. We all should celebrate this day together In remembrance of Dr BR Ambedkar. Whole India should respect him and his work because if he had not fighted at the time for equality May problem of inequality and untouchability would still have continued.

Happy Ambedkar Jayanti 2020 Photo, Quotes, Wishes

Thought of Dr. Bhimrao Amedekar — 1. “Do not live to look good, but live to be good.”

To remember his huge contribution to the people of India, ambedkar jayanti is celebrated by the people of India. Ambedkar jayanti throughout the country is celebrated with fervor to pay tribute and honor to the great man on April 14 every year to pay tribute and respect for his struggle and contribution to the eradication of caste and religion based inequalities in the country. 

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