Happy Cheti Chand 2022, Wishes, Images, Quotes, Status

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There are many festivals celebrated in India by different religions. Cheti Chand is basically the festival of Sindhi’s. For them, this is the beginning of new-year like Gudi Padwa celebrated as Marathi New Year in Maharashtra. Cheti Chand is celebrated in the end of the March month or in the starting of the April month (in the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month of Hindi calendar). It is the most popular Sindhi festival. On this day, Sindhi people worship the Lord Jhulelal. This day is celebrated in the honor of the birth of Ishtadev Uderolal. Lord Jhulelal is the sea god of Sindhis, so they’re celebrating this day by performing Aarti of Lord Jhulelal. This day is very important for Sindhi’s because Lord Varun Dev comes in the form of Jhulelal to protect the Sindhi Culture. So, this is celebrated as the birth anniversary of their Ishtadev Uderolal which is also known as by the name jhulelal, the Lord of Sindh. In the earlier 10th century, Sindhi’s fell under the rule of sumras. An authoritarian called, “Mirkshah” forced them to either convert their religion to Islamic or accept the death. To save them Sindhi’s prayed to Lord Varun Dev. They prayed for the long continuous 40 days without eating anything.

 By their appreciative prayers God promised the birth of a child to save them. The divine child, “Uderolal” takes birth from the womb of Mata Devki. People considered that Lord Varun Dev itself took birth in the form of Uderolal and saved them from Mirkshah. Thus, since that day all the Sindhi religions memorialize Lord Jhulelal on the occasion of Chetichand. Sindhi people are celebrating this day with very excitement and happiness. Most of the Sindhi are celebrating this day by taking “Baharana Sahib” to a nearby river or lake. Bahirana Sahib is the combination of sugar, Jyoti, Fruits and Akha (mix of rice and sugar). The Baharana Sahib is taken out to the river, and Akha is devoted to sea god. After that, Prasad is offered to all devotees. On this day, people gather at Jhulelal Temple and a huge procession is taken out that makes this festival very energetic and popular. 

Men and women perform folk dance on Sindhi music in the procession. People give greetings on this day to each other by saying, “Cheti Chand Jyon lakh lakhwadayun.” They wear new traditional clothes and join the huge Jhulelal procession. It is very traditional way to sing Lalsain, ‘spanjras and palav to seek the grace of this festival. Some of the followers worship for 40 consecutive days that are also called as “Chaliho.” On this day, enthusiast keeps fast and praying to the Lord. After that, they break their fast with sugar, or fruit and thank God jhulelalji. People take pledge on this day to follow the path of Lord Jhulelal. Because Lord Jhulelal guided Mirkshah to follow the right path instead of killing him. This gives us lessons that always try to keep stay from the bad mentality instead of trying to get liberate from the bad people. At some places, enthusiasts organize fairs at nights. On this day Sindhi’s cooked special dinner at night like Tairi, Sai Bhaji, Seera, Malpua, khirni etc. So this is very special day for our Sindhi religion, and they celebrate it with very pomp and show.

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